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Drivers Education:

Includes 30 hours classroom instruction & 6 hours behind the wheel instruction as well as a detailed progress report of each behind the wheel session with one of our MD Certified Driving Instructors. We even include the MVA workbook for FREE!

​Must be 15 prior to the 1st day of class. A Learners Permit is not required to start classes however it is required to begin scheduling your in car lessons.

"Virtual" Online Classroom Only $165.00 (Paid in Full).

The fee for the 6 hours of drive time for virtual classroom students is $175.00.

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Special Course Option:

$400.00 Clase de Español (Registrate en español Aquí)

Por favor llámenos para más información 410-273-1777.

MVA Skills Test

You will meet with an experienced instructor for approximately 60 minutes of practice before your test. They will go with you to MVA, walk you though the check in process and to the beginning of the course. Then we will wait with you for your license! ​

$150.00 (Student) - Log in to enroll

$200.00 (Non-Student)

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Driver Improvement Program Course


This class is a requirement set my MVA and/or the Maryland Court System. Maryland Drivers License, Permit, or ID Card is required.

Please call us for more information 410-273-1777.

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3 Hr. Drug & Alcohol Program


Required if you have a Valid Out of Country license and/or international license and want to test for a Maryland Drivers License.

Please call us for more information 410-273-1777.

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Additional Driving Lessons 1 hr

​​Contact us for special rates and/or discounts

$55.00 (Student) - Log in to enroll

$70.00 (Non-Student)

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Behind the Wheel session 6 hrs

$300.00 (Non-Student)

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Note: We invite all students to register for your course in advance to help minimize the financial burden on you and ensuring your behind the wheel time is scheduled immediately upon graduation of the in-class portion of the course.